How We Can Help You

Website online content

We can analyse your current content and research your industry and competitors. We work with you to understand the products and/or services your business provides so that we can optimise website content to help boost your online presence.

Social media content

We research who your target audience is and the key messages you want to deliver.

Whether it is newsletters, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, or Blogs, we write content for each of these platforms for you to publish, and recommend a strategy to increase your online presence to make your business more visible.

Service management processes

Following the ITIL framework, we document the processes needed to support the services used in your business, including processes for your service desk/call centre and support teams.

In addition, we can document user guides to support your organisational change management.

Technical writing

Our technical writers will research and write documentation for IT systems, hardware and technical manuals, technical and functional specification documents. The audience for these documents is typically IT support teams.


No editing, we just do a final check to make sure your content is ready to be published. It helps show your professionalism when it comes to written communication for your business to have a pro to check for any rogue apostrophes or other typos.  Note: there are no edits to the actual content with this offering. Only grammar, punctuation and general look-and-feel are checked.

Not sure if we can offer what you need?

We can start with a quick strategy call to see what problems you need to solve, and which option will give you the best results.

Rosie looked over my powerpoint presentation and website and then sent me feedback of what she suggested for upgrades and improvements. This assessment was done with a precision eye for detail. I was impressed how much detail she picked up and all the excellent improvements she suggested. Her ability to change words around to articulate the message clearly and succinctly was fantastic. She is an expert at formatting, punctuation, grammar and writing. I would highly recommend her services.
Thank you so much, Rosie, you have a gift and more people need to know about your excellent work.
Linda Benn
International Wellness Consultant